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What is the difference between rotary bearing and wheel bearing?


A, different concepts

1, the rotary bearing

Slewing bearing is a new type of mechanical parts and components, it has inner and outer ring, rolling, zhi, body composition, slewing bearing is a kind of comprehensive load to bear a large bearings, can withstand the larger axial and radial load and tilting moment.

2, wheel bearings

Wheel bearing is a kind of can bear larger axial load, radial load and tilting moment, a comprehensive load bearing, rotating, transmission, fixed, and other functions in one of the special structure of large bearing.

Second, the structure is different

1, the rotary bearing

Rotation drive usually consists of worm, slewing bearing, shell, motor and other components. Because core part USES the rotary bearing, can also carry axial force and radial force and overturning moment. The form a lot, but the structure of basic same.

2, wheel bearings

Wheel bearings are usually made of inner ring and outer ring, rolling body, the isolation piece and so on four big parts. Due to the core part USES the rotary bearing, so can bear axial force and radial force at the same time. The form a lot, but the structure of basic same.

Three, different application

1, the rotary bearing

Rotary bearing applications, engineering machinery is the place of the original application is also the most widely used of slewing bearing, such as disintegration of earth moving machinery, excavators, machine, material piling and taking machine, flat machine, roller, compaction machine, drilling machine, boring machine, etc.

Others are concrete machinery: concrete pump truck, concrete mixer, placing boom machine belt type cloth machine feeding machine: disc type feeder, sand mixing machine; Hoisting machinery: wheel crane, crawler crane, portal crane, tower crane, fork, along with the crane, gantry crane crane.

Foundation treatment machinery: percussive reverse circulation drill, rotary drilling rig, impact type rotary drill, the rotating drill, reverse circulation rotary drilling rig, positive circulation rotary drilling rig, the engineering drilling machine of the engineering drilling machine of long spiral, diving, static pressure pile, pile driver.

Engineering ship: dredge; Special: bridge check-out car, fire engines, wipe a window machine, plate, transporting girder vehicle overhead working truck, self-propelled aerial work platform; Light industry machinery, beverage machinery, bottle blowing machine, packaging machine, filling machine, rotary unscramble bottle machine, injection molding machine; Marine crane, crane barge.