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The five considerations of slewing bearing dismantling


Excavator slewing support it goes without saying that is the importance of working device on the various load and torque, takes rotary bearing to the chassis. Due to the rotary bearing is bearing the weight of the work of overload, it but also the site of excavator is prone to failure, so use for a long time will need to install a new rotary bearing.

1. Choose the right site maintenance

Before disassembling rotary support, you first need to determine appropriate maintenance replacement site, site is quite gentle, have larger space, convenient tear open outfit in the process of excavator partial separation of lifting up and down.

2. The lifting process need to be careful

In the process of replacing slewing bearing, you need to shovel the upper structure is transferred to another place, at this time of the most commonly used is the crane hoisting tools, whether disassembly or assembly, hoisting rope has to hang up, to ensure safety in slowly lifting operations.

3. Safety is the most important advice without jack

Someone in the process of dismantling sometimes don't choose crane, pictured above, for example, jack and brick pad on the upper part. But suggest it is best not to use it this way, because of the high risk index quite, be sure to keep in mind is to make safety their first priority.

4. Choose the right brand of slewing bearing manufacturer of slewing bearing numerous on market, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, now that you have to choose to replace the new slewing bearing, choice, do not have to bear the new rotary bearing only pursue cheap, or choose a slewing bearing of reliable and durable.

5. Need to tighten the screw, lubrication cannot little

Detailed disassembly process does not introduce one by one to you, in a new rotary bearing, screw remember to also want to change, to prevent a perceptible, bear in mind that screws must be tightened. In addition, must on the new rotary bearing grease, can effectively reduce the internal friction, improve the service life of bearing, and after need periodic lubrication and maintenance.